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Driver CPC


The key to each person's success is deeply rooted in the process of continuing education.

Education is the first step towards knowledge.
We are a professional training center, authorized by the DVSA and JAUPT.

At RHC, we create customized training programs to manage the mandatory 35-hour CPC requirements of each individual or company driver to ensure full compliance with the legal obligations of the fleet.
In the preparation process, we use Online, through our RHC Online platform, and Classrooms, modern means, and methods of preparation:

Of course, to experiment, you must, first of all, acquire the knowledge and "secrets" of the trade.

Completing the 35 hours of courses and following the instructions of the Trainers will allow you to achieve significant performance in the shortest time!

Through our specialists, we want to ensure a level of theoretical and practical training for students of the highest level, so that the graduation of the courses organized by our company is a guarantee for their employers.

The courses have a pronounced practical-applicative character.

We can manage up to 22 of your drivers in our JAUPT-approved courses, online with RHC Online, in person at your premises, or at one of our dedicated training locations in the UK.

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